How much should I feed my cat?

Eating amounts vary from cat to cat. The feeding guide on Kit Cat’s package will help you determine the proper amount to feed your cat. Evaluate their daily food portions based on your cat’s age, body condition, and overall health. And be sure to monitored the feeding amount regularly or adjusted as needed.

How do I know which Kit Cat food best suits my cat’s needs?

You should feed your cat a diet based on his or her age, breed, activity level, and weight or health condition. As always, it’s important to consult your veterinarian about your cat’s dietary before introducing or switching their diet.

How do I determine if my cat is overweight?

Stand above cats and look down on them. From this vantage point you should be able to feel their ribs but not see them. Cats should also have a nice taper at their waist. If they are too heavy, they’ll be oval shaped. Check with your vet for certainty.

Can I still give my overweight cat treats?

Yes! You can start off a weight loss plan with your veterinarian to use treats as a reward for exercise. Hide treats around the house at different levels so your cat has to climb and find them.

Which type of diet is best for my cat, Kit Cat canned of dry?

Both! For most cats, the vet will recommend feeding both of canned and dry foods daily. As canned food usually has higher in protein and water content, which add-benefits to cats. Dry food offers convenience and help to decrease tartar build up.

How do I switch / transition cat foods?

Cats have different nutritional requirements depending on their age and health. It is important to adjust their food when they mature and during the aging process. Meantime, you should avoid changing their food too sudden as they need time to adapt to new food. During the switch / transition, try to mix the new food with your cat’s former food, gradually increasing the amount until only new food is fed.

How can I keep my Kit Cat cat’s food fresh?

For kibbles, the best way is to keep it in the original bag, inside a container and use it within 1-2 months after opening. We do not recommend freezing the product because that can draw out the moisture in the kibble and upon thawing. Keep it stored indoors in a cool and dry environment, away from light exposure.

For canned, we recommend using the canned within 48 hours. Any unused portion needs to be refrigerated in a sealed container/tight fitting lid after opening. The food that is left out at the room temperature should be discarded after 2 hours. If your cat dislike cold food, try adding warm water or allow the food to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.

What is Kit Cat Litter made of?

All our litter are made of 100% natural bentonite-clay, silica and biodegradable ingredient. Hence, the best cat litter for your cat will depend on your expectations.

Is Kit Cat Litter control odor?

Absolutely! Our cat litter is extremely absorbent in absorbing urine / moisture quickly and effective in killing odor too!

Where can I buy Kit Cat’s products?

Our products are available in 30 over countries worldwide. For the most accurate information we suggest you to send us an email or you can contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.