Our Products

At Kit Cat, we take great pride in offering one of the most expansive and forward-thinking ranges of cat products available on a good scale. When you choose Kit Cat, you can have complete confidence that all our products are created using a distinctive blend of high-quality and natural ingredients. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring that your cats receive the utmost care and nourishment they deserve.

Dry Food

Kit Cat Dry Food is packed with premium ingredients that are carefully sourced and we are proud to set a new standard for quality when it comes to nutrient-rich cat food.

Yucca Schidigera Extract

Reduce Odor Of Animal Waste

Omega-3 & Omega-6

Supports Skin And Coat Health

Completed Vitamins & Minerals

Improves Immune System And Reduce Stress
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Wet Food

KIT CAT wet food is a naturally formulated diet for kittens and cats of all life stages.

100% Grain Free.

No chemicals, fillers, or by-products.

Contains taurine.

An essential amino acid that is essential for your cat’s overall health.

Suitable for all life stages.

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Kit Cat treats are sure a delight, coming in wide array of varieties that are packed with vital nutrients to provide essential nutrition that cats instinctively crave.

Grain-free, delicious and 100% natural

No chemicals, fillers, or by-products.
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Cat Litters

Our cat litter comes in a wide variety of materials with bases made from everything from Bentonite to Soya to Crystals.

Non-Toxic & Safe

Maximum Odor Control

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Our Kit Cat Litter Locker Mat makes sure all litters fall into the honeycomb holes on the upper layer and remains at the bottom layer, keeping your cat’s paw clean.

Non-toxic EVA material

No preservative, no colouring, or by-products.
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Enriched with Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, these 100% soap-free wipes are hypoallergenic and well suited for cats with sensitive skin.

100% alcohol and paraben free

No preservative, no colouring, or by-products.

Waterproof & Litter proof

No preservative, no colouring, or by-products.

Can be use as cat scratcher / door mat

No preservative, no colouring, or by-products.
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Come explore the ALL NEW Kit Cat Sprinkles deodorizing beads made to effectively eliminate odors and refresh areas with just a sprinkle


Eliminate unpleasant scents
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