Kit Cat 2nd Chance 100% Recycled Plant-Based Cat Litter

Kit Cat 2ND Chance Plant-based Cat Litter, redefining sustainability for a cleaner world! Crafted from recycled ingredients like green tea, coffee, and soybean leftovers, our litter offers exceptional performance while minimizing waste. Suitable for all life stages, it’s soft on paws, virtually dust-free, and leaves no tracking mess.

At Kit Cat, we prioritize reducing our environmental footprint. By repurposing post-food production materials into our litter, we give new life to resources that would otherwise end up in landfills. Our innovative blend, including cassava beads, promotes strong clumping, durability, and superior odor control while being environmental friendly.

2ND Chance crafted from sustainable materials like tea dregs and pea fiber, it offers natural goodness without artificial fragrances or coloring. Harnessing tea polyphenols for antioxidants and tea catechins for antibacterial properties, our litter provide a safe solution for your cat’s needs.

Quick Clumping

Forms scoopable clumps after use. Do Not Stick To The Cat Litter Box

Eco Friendly

Made from natural biodegradable soybean

Suitable For All Life Stages

Kittens, adults & senior cats

Virtually 99.9% Dust Free

So you will avoid breathing in or cleaning up dust

Scoop & Flush

Safe to flush in small quantities

Soft & Gentle on Paw

Perfect for cats with sensitive paws

Non Toxic & 100% Safe

No chemical added & safe for kittens, cats or humans

Odour Control

Effectively removes odour within 5 Minutes

No Tracking

Lesser mess & paw friendly

For more than 1 cat, it is advisable to discard used litter more frequently.

For hygiene purposes, it is best to wash your hands immediately after cleaning/emptying the tray.

Step One: Fill your litter pan with a minimum depth of 5 cm (2 inches) of Kit Cat Soya Clump.
Step Two: The portion used by pets, absorbs urine and clumps instantly, trapping odour as well.
Step Three: Remove the clumped portion and replenish with the same amount.
Step Four: Flushed down clump portion into the toilet or used as fertilizer.

Available in 4 Scents

  • Kit Cat 2nd Chance Plant-Based Cat Litter Pea Fiber 2.5KG

  • Kit Cat 2nd Chance Plant-Based Cat Litter Coffee Beans 2.5KG

  • Kit Cat 2nd Chance Plant-Based Cat Litter Black Tea Leaves 2.5KG

  • Kit Cat 2nd Chance Plant-Based Cat Litter Green Tea Leaves 2.5KG