Kit Cat Snow Peas Antibacterial Clumping Cat Litter

Kit Cat Snow Peas is a 100% eco-friendly cat litter that is a healthier alternative for both cats and owners. Created with natural green pea fibre, this litter is a safe and non-toxic formula. Free from harmful ingredients, all cat owners can have a peace of mind.

It has excellent liquid absorbent features that effectively eliminate odours naturally. This litter is also 99% dusty free which leaves no paw tracks.
The Kit Cat Snow Peas is a unique and innovative formulation that offers a fast and easy cleanup process with quick clumping capabilities. Created to be eco-friendly, the clumps can be repurposed as organic garden fertilizer.


Traditional cat litter has a relatively large negative impact on the environment as well as the health of cats and humans due to the processes and substances. Opting for a safe, natural and biodegradable litter not only creates a healthy space for all but also a step to an eco-friendly environment.

Quick Clumping

Forms clumps quickly to enable quick and effortless clean up

Natural Ingredients

Made from natural green peas, free of harmful substances

Suitable For All Life Stages

Perfect for kittens, adults & Senior Cats

Virtually 99.9% Dust Free

Eliminate respiratory issues for both cats and humans with this dust free litter

Scoop & Flush

Safe to flush in small quantities

Soft & Gentle on Paw

Perfect for cats with sensitive paws

Light Weight

Light and tight clumping functions for quick scooping and minimal mess

Non Toxic & 100% Safe

Perfect for kittens, adults & senior cats

Odour Control

Effectively eliminate odours within 5 minutes

For more than 1 cat, it is advisable to discard used litter more frequently. For hygiene purposes, it is best to wash your hands immediately after cleaning/emptying the tray.

Step One: Fill your litter pan with a minimum depth of 5cm (2 inches) of Kit Cat Snow Peas
Step Two: The potion used by pets, absorb urine and clumps instantly, trapping odour as well
Step Three: Remove the clumped potion and replenish with the same amount
Step Four: Flushed down clumped potion into water closet or used as fertilize

Available in 6 Fragrances